The Dog World

More recently, I have turned my attention to the canine world, having immersed my leisure time into this through my Italian Greyhounds. I have had dogs all my life, mainly rescues. Dogs were also a very big part of my equestrian career, and I have worked closely with Vets, assisting with veterinary procedures and dressing post op wounds on dogs. Over the past 3 years I have invested a great deal of time into gaining canine qualifications and learning as much as I can about canine care and behaviour, training my own dogs in obedience, participating in agility, hoopers, dabbling in scent work, and some breed showing. I am now qualified Pro Dog Trainer and I am member of the National Institution of Canine Ethics. I have gained diplomas and advanced diplomas in canine behaviour, canine nutrition, canine physiology, canine holistic care, wolf behaviour and the correlation to canis familiaris. I have my level 3 diploma in canine first aid. I am currently studying canine law.

I have completed work on a number of websites for canine businesses and professionals, and I am busy collating information and writing articles on popular and less discussed topics within the canine world.

I manage the Italian Greyhound Active Health Project and I am the Royal Kennel Club Breed Education Coordinator for the Italian Greyhound Club of the UK.

Picture of Kelly Wallace Horne