Did you know you can review all of your activity of Facebook?

Activity log details everything you’ve posted, shared, liked and commented on, in a month by month timeline, and it allows you to see and change Facebook posts, comments, likes and tags.

You can:

  • unlike posts you’ve liked
  • delete comments you’ve made
  • review the privacy settings of the posts you’ve liked and commented on
  • untag yourself from posts
  • hide posts from your timeline
  • adjust the privacy settings of your own posts
  • Search specific names and phrases within your activity

Finding your Activity Log

When you log into Facebook and arrive at your news feed, you will see a little padlock icon 2nd in from the right on the header bar. Click the padlock, “Who can see my stuff?” and find Activity Log in the second menu option:


Once you have loaded your Activity Log you will see all your recent activity in chronological order. To the right of each entry is a symbol denoting the privacy setting of each post, sometimes with a little downward arrow if the post privacy is adjustable, and a little pencil symbol.

Click on the pencil symbol to reveal the options available for editing each post:


Now you can review and adjust your activity of Facebook

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