Project Management for Business

Sometimes an exciting project can turn into a time consuming source of anxiety. Coping with the additional work and time commitment whilst maintaining the momentum of business can become too much.

Hiring a Project Manager helps alleviate these stresses. I can take care of the research, co-ordination and liaison whilst you get on with your day to day work.

KWH-ClipboardProjects I can help with

  • Website builds
  • Magazine/newsletter/catalogue production
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Hardware upgrades and installations

What I will do


  • Research your competitor’s websites
  • Outline the possibilities, pros/cons, and tackle cross-industry language barriers
  • Organise content
  • Liaise with the web designers at every stage
  • Co-ordinate tasks
  • Manage deadlines and targets
  • Testing
  • Advise and assist with hosting

Magazine, Newsletter, Catalogue Production

  • Source content
  • Oversee funding
  • Co-ordinate advertising
  • Source stock photos
  • Liaise with the designer at every stage
  • Co-ordinate tasks
  • Manage deadlines and targets
  • Arrange printing

Marketing Campaigns

  • Research competitors
  • Outline the possibilities, pros/cons of each
  • Research expense
  • Create short, mid and long term marketing plans
  • Co-ordinate design and production of marketing and promotional material
  • Record results and create reports

Hardware Upgrades and Installations

  • Research your current system
  • Research potential cost cutting measures
  • Research potential performance improvements
  • Investigate pros and cons, and potential pitfalls of each option
  • Co-ordinate installation with minimum disruption


Other projects considered


Project Management also guarantees

  • Being on call for emergency issues
  • Extremely fast turnaround for routine tasks

Allow yourself to get on with your job, with the peace of mind that your project is moving along as swiftly and easily as possible.

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Monthly Payments

Monthly payments are invoiced at the beginning of the month and are payable monthly.

Monthly payments can be a cost-effective solution:

  • Typically, up to 70% cheaper for longer projects
  • Makes budgeting for costs easier and approvable upfront
  • Reduced administration – no on going financial sign-offs required

Monthly payments can be agreed for a set period of time, or until the project is completed. A monthly retainer can work out as a cost-effective solution for large or on-going projects.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs:

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