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Equestrian Publishing and Marketing

With a lifetime’s experience in the equestrian industry, the team behind Geo-Equestrian is perfectly placed to offer the ultimate marketing opportunities to businesses catering for the equine world.

We can assist in linking you with the appropriate businesses, and cross promote your product/service for maximum exposure within the equine world and beyond.

As the name suggests, Geo-Equestrian specialises in targeted marketing by location:

  • Worldwide
  • National
  • Regional
  • County/State

                            enabling you to market your product/service as geographically far as possible/necessary whilst remaining accessible locally, helping consumers find you wherever they are.

Contact us to see how we can simplify your equestrian marketing campaign.

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Promote your Equestrian product or service with an advertorial on our magazine style website www.geo-equestrian.com, and we will promote it across our social networks, too! Maximize exposure by easily sharing the link to your advertorial with your friends and on your social networks.

Broaden Your Audience with an advertorial on our Equestrian eMagazine

Feature your product or service in our Equestrian eMagazine, with links to your website and social networks.
Place your article in the relevant categories, country, region and county to target your desired audience.
Readers can find your article by searching their geographical location, subject of interest, or a combination of both.
Visit Geo-Equestrian.com


Would you like to see your Equestrian article, blog, or short story published?

Do you have a blog you would like to promote, and broaden your audience?

Perhaps you’d like to have a go at blogging but lack confidence, or aren’t sure of making a commitment to it?

Have an idea for a short equestrian-themed story that you’d like the opportunity to publish?

We can make it happen!

We expect no payment, but we will offer all the support you need.

Are you an overseas horse lover? See your content published on our .com domains. Although based in the UK, Geo-Equestrian is designed to be found world wide. We would love to hear your story!

We welcome articles and blog posts from your own website. Help draw a broader audience by creating an author profile and publishing posts and articles which link back to your own website.

We are seeking equestrian content to publish and promote on your behalf, completely free of charge – become a published author with Geo-Equestrian!

Please contact us with your ideas – big or small!



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