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Frequently Asked Questions2017-03-16T09:28:07+00:00
How do I convey my idea for my design?2014-11-11T20:44:57+00:00

Rough sketches on note paper really help me to get your design as close to your idea as possible. Clients usually like to find examples of designs they like the look of. Other designs can never be copied, but it gives me an idea of the look and feel you are hoping to achieve.

Do I pay for my website before or after it’s completed?2014-11-11T21:26:47+00:00

Web design is invoiced at 3 stages:

  1. a deposit for work to begin
  2. a second payment when the draft design is agreed and approved
  3. a final payment when the site goes live

For very simple sites I may reduce this to 2 payments, to speed up the process.

Do I pay for my graphic/print design before or after it’s completed?2014-11-11T21:26:56+00:00

It depends on the type of print design, and how big a job it will be. Typically, you will pay a deposit for design work to begin, and pay the balance on completion. Then your design and all copyright to it will belong to you.

All costs for the print/production I am arranging for your item/s must be paid in full prior to the print/production order being sent.

Do I need to buy a domain and hosting before my site can be built?2014-11-11T20:49:17+00:00

No. A test site is built using my domains and servers. You only need your domain and server when the site is ready to go live. The test site can be transfered to your own domain and server once it is complete.

Can I change or add to my design once it’s started?2014-11-10T21:57:41+00:00

Yes, within reason. Often it is difficult to visualise a complete design, and once you see the draft copies and it starts to become real, it is likely to inspire you. Providing the changes are reasonable, and don’t constitute a complete redesign, I am happy to accomodate new ideas and requests within the agreed price. Where changes and additions exceed reasonable changes I will discuss with you any additional costs to achieve your new design idea.

How long will it take for my design to be ready?2017-03-16T09:28:08+00:00

A design can take anything from a few days to a few months to complete, it depends on the complexity and size of the project. I will be able to advise you on time frames once I know your specific requirements. Where applicable, having your content ready for your website or printed item will help me to keep a project on target. If I know from the outset the volume of the content I am working with, I can set up the appropriate framework from the outset. Obviously, unforseen things happen which may hold up procedings, but where possible I will minimise disruption. If I am sending your completed design directly to the printers I will be able to keep you updated on progress with the printing company.

Can I see my websites’ progress whilst it is being built?2014-11-11T21:27:51+00:00

Yes. Once the draft of your website is uploaded to the test server I will email you the link to view it. You can view the test site whenever you like in any standard browser.

What if I don’t like the design?2014-11-11T20:39:06+00:00

If the design is not as you expected or hoped, you will get the opportunity to discuss this with me at the draft stage of the design. I will not undertake work I believe may be beyond my abilities, and I will work with you to achieve a design you are pleased with.

What about the ongoing maintenance of my website?2017-03-16T09:28:08+00:00

The idea of a CMS website is that you can manage the website yourself. Not everyone wants to maintain all areas of their website themselves, so I can take care of any aspects you don’t want to, including any or all of:

  • updating price lists, contact and other details
  • adding special offers, newsletters or blog posts
  • updating WordPress and any plugins
  • monitoring and, where necessary, adjusting SEO

You can choose to employ me to address any these areas when you want me to, or make an on-going arrangement and I will make the necessary checks and updates myself.

If you expect to make a large number of additions and updates a month, a monthly retainer may be a cost-effective arrangement. See details on the Web Design page.

What if the print/production you have arranged is poor quality?2014-11-11T21:20:39+00:00

I only use print/production companies with a proven track record of excellent quality, who guarantee a free replacement of any products that are damaged, or they produce in poor quality. In the unlikely event that your items are of an unsatisfactory standard I will arrange a free replacement for you. This does not include typographical errors or last minute requests for changes.

My printed item/s have arrived and I’ve noticed an error, what do I do?2017-03-16T09:28:08+00:00

All designs are 

proofed to you prior to print/production/publication. It is the your responsibility to ensure all contact details, addresses, and text are correct at this stage. If you find an error I can adjust the content to display the correct details. Errors cannot be adjusted after print/production/publication. If any detail in a printed item is incorrect it will require a repeat print order at full cost of the printing fees, which you will be liable for. In this event simply contact me, telling me what the error is, and what it should read. I will update your design, and negotiate the best price with the print company for a reprint of your item/s.