Who can see my stuff?

Sometimes your circumstances change and you may feel concerned about the visibility of posts you’ve made to Facebook in the past.

This can easily be changed!

Finding your privacy settings

When you log into Facebook and arrive at your news feed, you will see a little downward pointing arrow on the furthest right hand side of the header bar:


Click on the little arrow and a drop down menu will appear. Find and click on “Settings”:


On the resulting page, look for “Privacy” in the menu on the left hand side:


Under the first heading “Who can see my stuff?” you will see the 3rd option reads “Limit Past Posts”:


Click on “Limit Past Posts” to reveal a little more information about what this action does, and open the action button:


Once you’ve clicked on “Limit Past Posts” Facebook will ask you to confirm that you really want to change all your previous posts, in case you’ve clicked the action button by mistake:


That’s past Facebook posts taken care of

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