Who can see my stuff?

A common question people ask is how they can control who sees the updates, pictures, videos and other information they post on Facebook. You may want to change Facebook post privacy settings, and it’s easy to do.

Here I’ve put together a step by step guide to finding and adjusting your privacy settings, for both your default post privacy, and on a post by post basis.

Finding your privacy settings

When you log into Facebook and arrive at your news feed, you will see a little downward pointing arrow on the furthest right hand side of the header bar:



Click on the little arrow and a drop down menu will appear. Find and click on “Settings”:



On the resulting page, look for “Privacy” in the menu on the left hand side:



Then you will be able to access a variety of privacy settings.

To the right of the first option, “Who can see my stuff?”, click on the word Edit. A mock “What’s on your mind?” box will appear. To the bottom right of this box will be either the word Public or Friends. Click on this word to reveal other privacy options:



The options are fairly self explanatory:

  • “Public” means anyone on Facebook can find and see/read/watch your post
  • “Friends” means only those you have accepted into your Friends List can see your posts

Click on “More Options” to reveal the option of limiting your posts to people in your local region, your family members (you’ll need to make sure they are added as family members in order for the right people to see your posts!) or you can even choose to keep your posts to yourself.


Adjust who can see individual posts on a post-by-post basis

If there is one post which you’d like to make public/private without adjusting your default settings you can set the privacy at the time that you make the post:


The options available are the same as those in your main privacy settings.

If you choose “Custom” you will find to option to only share a post with specific friends, or you can exclude specific friends from seeing a post. Simply start typing a name and Facebook will suggest names from your friends list. Remeber, this only applies to a specific post, and will not apply to all future posts.



When you’ve changed the privacy setting of an individual post it is a good idea to check the privacy setting of the next post you make – you don’t want to accidentally make a private post publicly visible!


That’s future posts taken care of

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