Whatever the reason you are running a Facebook page, you need exposure, right?

Unless you are promoting a well known brand, you’re having to pay Facebook in order for your business/brand to have a reasonable audience reach – is that so?

If yes, read on!

Who is ‘liking’ posts and posting to my page? Me, or my company/brand?

Do you actually know what happens when you are logged into your personal Facebook account, and you ‘like’ your own pages updates?

The answer depends on the settings of your personal>business/fan page settings.

Did you know you can tailor Facebook to understand the difference between you as a personal entity, and you as your business?

Here’s the key:

Page Attribution

‘Page attribution’ tells Facebook how you want it to recognise you.

What you select depends on how you want to interact with your page.

If you naturally have a lot of interaction on your Facebook page you might want Facebook to automatically attribute all your interaction with your page to your page, regardless of whether you’re logged into your personal account, or your page. This saves you having t0 think about who you are logged in as, and automatically attributes post ‘likes’ and comments you make from your personal account, to your page account. This means you are automatically posting and liking updates to your page as your page, no matter who you are logged into Facebook as.

If you are seeking to broaden the audience of a less well know brand you may want to like/comment as an individual, not your business/brand. This means your likes/comments will automatically show as a personal feedback from your personal account/name. (Do you really want a ‘like’ on your Page post from the Page itself?).

Attributing your page posts to yourself means your interaction counts as a personal contribution, not a page contribution, e.g. “Kelly Wallace Horne like this” versus “KWHPublishing Ltd likes this” – an individual liking content looks a lot less silly/desperate than a page ‘liking’ it’s own content! Your friends are more likely to see your page content in their news feed, even if they dont ‘like’/follow your page.

How to do it

When you are logged into your personal Facebook account, search your own page in the search bar at the top of the screen:

Page Attribution


When the page has loaded look for Settings in the top right hand area:

Facebook Attrivbution 1


Then look for ‘Page attribution’:

Page Attribution 2


Then select how you want Facebook to recognise your personal account – as a business/brand? Or as yourself, personally?

Post Attribution 3


Once you select “Post as *Page Name*” everything you post from your personal AND/OR your Page account shows as your Page.

Once you select “post as *personal name* everything you post from your personal (not your page account) posts as your personal name.

NB: Facebook failure! Currently this only applies to Facebook web. If you ‘like’ your page post via an Android/Apple/Windows app or the mobile Facebook version you will ‘like’ as your page, automatically, regardless of this setting!

I’ve reported this several times from each platform. Hopefully Facebook will address this soon.

In the meantime, if you are aiming to broaden your Page reach without your page ‘liking’ it’s own posts (!), make the effort to ‘like’ your page content on Facebook web, not via mobile/app. That is Facebook’s failure, not yours!

I’ll let you all know as soon as I know Facebook has corrected this glitch.

If you select post attribution as your personal account, you can easily ‘like’/post as your page by selecting your page from the drop-down menu as displayed below:

Post Attribution 4


Promoting a Facebook page can be a lot easier than you think!

If you have any questions, please comment below: